Why I Started BBW BDSM Site PaddedKINK

Why I Started BBW BDSM Site PaddedKINK

So, I know I’ve answered this question on a whole bunch of interviews, but I wanted to share why I started PaddedKINK.

When I first got into the industry, I went in the direction of most girls – straight into vanilla xxx. Boy/girl, Girl/girl, standard sex scenes. I started under the amateur name “Olivia”. No last name, no real identity, just a name I randomly picked out. I loved Olivia’s artwork, and thought it was a pretty name. I came to find out later that it was a fairly popular name, and in xxx, there were other girls with that name, including in the BBW community.

BBW BDSM Site PaddedKINKI hadn’t really intended to be in the adult industry as a career. Most people know from reading my Hourglass8 blog and talking to me on Twitter/Facebook that what I wanted was to “sow my oats” after a bad breakup. You know, the kind where you don’t want to have any strings attached. A friend of mine had suggested the adult industry because he knew everyone was tested. It was a great place for me to rework my bruised ego after a breakup like the one I had.

I had my share of good and bad experiences. I learned that some people will use the “audition” as a way to get laid. I also learned that not all people in the industry are shady (although there are plenty of those out there). And I learned who the good guys were. I also learned that even though I may be a BBW, I wasn’t ugly or undesirable. I knew that I never wanted for my share of lovers, but this was something completely different – a fan base.

I was given the opportunity after doing a few amateur scenes as “Olivia” to work with The Score Group in Miami. They suggested that I not go with a single name but to choose a memorable first and last name that would define who I was. I chose “Kelly” because of my Irish background, and “Shibari” because of what I liked in my personal life. It was a hard name for vanilla people to remember much less pronounce, but I figured that it wasn’t too difficult once people got to know me, and I knew that the people in the community I hung out in (fetish/bdsm) would understand the reference.

My first couple of years in the industry were fun, but also drama-filled. Over time, I think I moved past my need for no-strings-attached arrangements and grew a little tired of just being a “pussy with a pulse”. I’d had plenty of experience with film production before getting into adult, and I really wanted to be creative again. I also wanted to explore my kink side more.

Unfortunately, my webmasters at the time were not interested in pursuing a fetish site. I’d also been recommended several times to kink paysites but had been turned down due to my size. I’m one of those girls who were raised to not complain past once or twice – if you’re still complaining about it after the initial “venting period”, fix it. Or walk away.

So, I decided that instead of complaining that kink and bdsm sites wouldn’t hire me, I would make my own – especially because there were no other sites out there that combined BBW and BDSM… (more to come)

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